Dr. Dirk Koehler

Lawyer and General Counsel on demand at BerlinValue and leAD Sports


Dirk brings in a variety of expertise from different angles, ranging from sports, fun, excitement, and digital to legal and management. 


He is a lawyer by profession and gained broad entrepreneurial, management, and legal experience spanning from investment banking and law firms to in-house legal and consultancy functions. He holds a doctoral degree from the University of Lucerne/Switzerland. After his role as General Counsel with ZANOX AG in Berlin, he now works independently as "General Counsel on demand" and business consultant for various digital companies including leAD. He is also an entrepreneur himself in the digital industry and set up a running blog as well as an online presence with a 2-star-chef.


Apart from pure legal & data work, he focusses on internationalisation and project management. Where Sailing had been the competitive sport in his youth, he now enjoys long distance running and playing soccer etc. with his son.

Expertise :