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Our Mentors.

As Digital Marketing Consultant I worked directly for brands/clients as well as in cooperation with lead agencies across several industries.



Marketing Executive & Digital Strategist


I always dreamt of becoming a professional athlete, but my genes decided against me and so I never made it to the Olympics. Being a competitive person not only in sports I then had to set myself different goals. I figured out that I am a seeker, constantly searching for new ideas, good stories and alternative solutions. 

How fitting that my university education led me to the field of sports communications, where I had the chance to work with professional athletes for years and combine my (failed) personal dream with my curiosity for creativity, new solutions and good stories.

The passion for creativity & storytelling and my urge to question things in order to create something bigger and better came at a time when digital marketing was on a steep rise. Therefore, moving into the digital world was the most logical next step. 

And today, having worked in this area for many years, I can say: It was the first and right step to understand marketing in a more holistic and technology-based way. 



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