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Our Mentors.

Tim Krieglstein is an entrepreneur with an international marketing expertise of more than 20 years, paired with strong organizational and management skills.



Managing Director
leAD International Sports Accelerator
leAD International Sports Accelerator


Tim Krieglstein has always had a passion for communication and marketing, even starting his first business, an advertising agency at the age of 17. 

In 1993, Tim worked in various functions in the events industry, before becoming senior marketing manager at Red Bull in 2004. Here, he was responsible for events, sports and culture marketing at Red Bull’s German branch before taking on the role of Marketing Director at Red Bull UK and Head of Marketing Northern Europe, advising all 18 Northern European countries, including Germany and Russia on Marketing Strategy.

In 2012, Tim partnered with Christoph Sonnen at Zeitgeist Ventures, a members club developing ventures, as well as structuring and selling funds. Zeitgeist Ventures is a partner in the Adi Dassler Legacy project and Tim is Managing Director at leAD.



leAD International Sports Accelerator

leAD International Sports Accelerator
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