World's First Platform for Skill-Based Training


Bodyweight training (BWT) has been the number 1 trend in the fitness industry for the past 3 years. There are two types of BWT: Mainstream BWT focuses on fulfilling short-term goals (losing fat or building muscle), gets boring fast due to its repetitiveness and thus often fails to create a sustainable lifestyle change. Skill-based BWT, on the other hand, focuses on training for a specific move or skill (e.g. handstands).

This particular training builds up the athlete’s mobility, flexibility, strength and power over time which makes it not only a fun and holistic, but also a lifelong approach to fitness. However, it is a challenging training that requires a high level of personalization, deep knowledge and ongoing guidance. Until now.

The Movement Athlete (TMA) is the worlds first skill-based training platform that enables aspiring athletes to learn these moves from one app for a fraction of the price - with a help of a software that acts as a team of coaches.

How? TMA works with a multidisciplinary team of the world's best trainers and physiologists to analyze and break down each move, create a multidimensional path towards it and fit it into a comprehensive system of progressions that are all INTERLINKED and make our training program map (just like a quest map in a game).

Through a number of assessments, TMA creates a personal training for each athlete, that gets adjusted daily based on feedback, periodical assessments & pain indicators and guides the athlete towards mastering the move – through a gamified map of harder and harder moves that are unlocked as the athlete develops attributes like strength, mobility, etc. Our new program includes 160 moves and takes 6 years to finish.


World's first platform for skill-based training


To get the world moving by providing world-class solutions and establish a unique lifestyle brand that stands for a new approach to fitness.


The global fitness industry is growing at 49% every year. Consumers are trending away from gyms, making online solutions like apps the fastest growing segment (39% yearly). The market of people actively searching for skill-based BWT is at $ 2 billion and growing but remains still scattered and underserved.

There is no other solution on the market that brings those disciplines together, enables trackable holistic development, and provides the needed personalization of workouts.

We are the only skill-based training platform on the market that engages their users through customized, constantly adjusted learning journeys, deep personalization and fun gamification that not only reduce the risk of injuries and drop-outs but makes it fun.


Current: web-based MVP app - $97 one time lifetime access with just eight moves & basic assessments.

New mobile app coming Q2 2018 - subscription model starting at $9.99 a month.

One-off courses ($30-$160) - created in collaboration with the world best trainers. Recommended to the user based on the moves their profile.

Future revenue streams include e-commerce (clothing and equipment), offline workshops, camps, retreats, festivals, trainer certifications, and connecting local trainers and facilities.


In August 2016, we released an MVP web app with just 8 moves and sold over $200k+ in revenue (4000 customers / $97 lifetime access).

Without any marketing, but the platform that organic traffic, we built a community of over 40k people and have a monthly blog reach of 40k unique visitors.

Over the past 12 months, we worked with our community and to learn multidisciplinary team of coaches to bring our platform to the next level – with more moves and a mobile APP at last. Q2 2018, we'll be releasing our mobile APP for learning and exploring bodyweight disciplines with now 160 moves.


We are closing our $225k seed-funding round to:

  • Fuel our product development and marketing
  • Help us reach our goal of 10,000 users in the first year and reach a million in a 3 year timeframe



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Full stack developer with over 8 years experience creating fast scalable apps. Graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology

Head Coach

Sport scientist, 26 years involved in gymnastics both competing and coaching.; led competitive teams programs and produced National champions



Berlin-based accelerator focused on funding and supporting innovative early-stage sports startups.